Posts for 30th December 2016
Happy New Year!!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2017 is going to be an amazing year for us all

30th December 2016
Official Video Launch

We’ve just launched the official video for debut single “Last Brigade.”

26th December 2016
College Radio Update

We haven’t even received the first official tracking report yet, but can already confirm that we are number three on

19th December 2016
Early Christmas Present For Noel Gallagher

  Just received this today from the states. It’s now being sent to Noel Gallagher by one of his close

11th December 2016
Video Interview

Had a great day today¬†shooting a video interview for the project in “The Elk And Clipper” Armagh.¬† Cheers to Dwaine

11th December 2016
Lana Scolaro To Star In 3rd Video

We are very pleased and excited to announce that super hot Instagram sensation and multi-millionaire heiress Lana Scolaro will be

8th December 2016
Video Interview

We are shooting a video interview for the project this Sunday in The Elk & Clipper Armagh.

7th December 2016
Instagram Sensation Starring In Third Video

We’ve a super hot Instagram sensation/muliti-millionaire heiress starring in our third video for “The Way We Used To Be.” We’ll

5th December 2016
Martin Rafferty and The Northern City Lights